E-Week is right around the Corner!

Check out our poster and find out when events are happening!

E-Week Poster 2015

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Can’t Wait til E-Week??

Neither can we! To get the ball rolling we have decided to host a scavenger hunt this week with some amazing prizes. Caution though, this isn’s your freshman engineering experience scavenger hunt. All submissions are due by 11:59 PM on Thursday (2/12)!

Scavenger Hunt Questions



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One Month till E-week!

Countdown Widgets


Click here to see a full list of events during E-week!

Click here to see all of our sponsors that make E-week possible!

What is E-week?
In the green spring of each year, the engineers take a break from their rigorous studying to celebrate their incredible history. As you may have noticed, shamrocks, shillelaghs, and leprechauns are our symbols — and our color? Green, of course! The source of all this Irish culture is our patron saint: St. Patrick O’Reilly. It was with his astounding engineering ability that he drove every single snake out of Ireland. Thus, Engineers’ Week is in spirited honor of our St. Patrick. The week is full of engineering and community activities, culminating in the most splendid banquet on this side of the Atlantic. It is also the time of year when the lawyers are on the lookout for anyone wearing green…

For any questions about E-Week please contact Cody Shell.


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Only a few more months till E-Week!

All credit card payments for E-Week can be found here:

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E-club Homecoming 2014

IMG_1521 What: Homecoming Float: We are building and decorating a float for the Homecoming parade which will include a moving train!

Who: Engineers’ Club and College of Engineering organizations

When: 6-11pm Monday-Friday until Oct 16

Where: Fears Lab: 303 E. Chesapeake Street, Norman, OK 73019


For transportation meet here (on the hour every hour):

Pick up

Like us on FB for more information: https://www.facebook.com/EClubHomecoming14

Check out the calendar for which organizations will be hosting each night!

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Willoughby Reservations Notice

20140810_163339-1-0If you need to reserve a room in Willoughby Lounge please email our lounge managers. The current form is under works. Thanks!

Justin Logan – jtlogan16@gmail.com

Justin Parks – j_parks@ou.edu

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And we are back…

fall fest


The semester has started and E-Club is starting the year off with fall fest! Be sure to come down and get some burgers and learn about the engineering organizations on campus!

Looking to make a website for your engineering organization? Want to add your calendar events to this website? Complaints Suggestions for the website? Email Evan Tisdale.


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Starting Already?

Only missed the 4th by a couple weeks.
The semester is only a month away and Engineers’ Club is ready to kick off another fantastic year!

E-Club has made some new updates to the its Constitution and By-Laws! They can be found under the About Us tab at the top of the page. We have marked all updates and encourage any questions about the updates be directed to our new President Andrew Lambeth. You can also start finding every E-Club Officer’s minutes notes posted under the Officers tab.

The College of Engineering is trying to transfer all student organization websites to a centralized domain. Last semester E-Club and a few other organization made the jump to Blue Host. This will allow all organizations to have access to their designated url every year. The E-Club Webmaster, Evan Tisdale, asks all questions about website and calendar set up be sent his way.

We hope everyone has a great semester!





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